Overcoming the Fear of Poverty

fear of povertyAn important part of opening your mind to faith is to remove your limiting beliefs. Nearly everyone suffers from at least one of the seven basic fears.

Fear of poverty is the most damaging of the seven basic fears, and the hardest to conquer, because it brings so much suffering and misery. It can make you blind to good opportunities and paralyze into inaction. Much of the fear of poverty comes from your bitter experiences in dealing with others who have proved untrustworthy and willing to exploit you for their own benefit.

To remove this fear from your mind, look for these signs and learn how to tackle them.

Signs of Fear of Poverty

  1. Lack of ambition

Do you accept whatever life hands out without challenging it? Are you mentally and physically lazy?

How to Tackle: Adopt a positive, driving ambition to overcome this symptom of the fear of poverty.

2. Failure to make your own decisions

Do others determine everything that happens in your life?

How to Tackle: Do not surrender your most precious faculty – your ability to decide! Make your own decisions and become self-determining.

3. Making excuses for your failures

Do you offer justifications for your lack of achievements? Do you greed and criticize the success of others?

How to Tackle: Accept that only you are responsible for what happens to you.

4. A negative mental attitude

This is the greatest limitation the fear of poverty imposes, and it can encompass all the others.

How to Tackle:  Developing a major goal is the first step toward replacing a negative mental attitude with a positive one. Find out what you want, and work to achieve it all the time.

Discard your pessimism, expect that things will go your way, and act accordingly. Do not put things off, avoid responsibility, or live beyond your means. Instead, work to make your life better and it will be!

Demand much! Set a high goal, believe that you will attain it with the aid of Infinite Intelligence, and you will leave the fear of poverty far behind.

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