Going the Extra Mile

Are You Going the Extra MileDo you know how to give it everything that you’ve got… and then a little more? Too many people recede just when they are getting close to the finish line; they think that they have nothing left. The truth is that if they just dig a little deeper, go a little further, and want a little more, success is right around the corner!

Success is all about going that extra mile. It may look like a pretty long road, and it might look like you are doing a lot of thankless labor. However, that very demanding last stretch may just be the last bit you need to achieve great success!

Doing a great job day in and day out is essential but, contrary to what you have been told your whole life, it is simply not enough. If you follow that path, you can still be fired, you can still be laid off and, even if you retire, you may have not very much at all.

Going the extra mile means finding ways to push you forward. For example, say that you have a service job. It’s not fun, but many people do work in the service industry. It is your job to help a customer. Say they come in looking for something. Now, according to the store’s rules, all you have to do if the item is not in is to apologize for the lack. That is what a competent employee does.

However, if you are going the extra mile, you stop and think about the need that the client has for the item. You might take their name and their phone number and say that you will call around to other stores for them, to see if they have the item in question. You may offer to give them a call when the item is back in stock.

As you can see, going the extra mile means that you need to think outside the box. There are general rules that we follow on how to treat clients and customers well, but when you go the extra mile, you step right out of that box entirely. You stop relying on rules and, instead, you see everything on a need basis.

The rules tell you how to keep your job and how to avoid trouble. Going the extra mile and assessing needs and solutions is how you can excel and vault yourself into a level of finance and money that you never even dreamed of!

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