How to Turn a Bad Day into a Better Day?

Change bad dayEveryone can have a bad day. What happens when you have a bad day? Things happens to everyone, how you interpret happens makes the big difference.

Instead of beating yourself up and blaming everyone or everything for the problem, follow these 7 tips to turn a bad day into a better day

1. Change your response

Remember this important formula E + R = 0. Event + Response = Outcome.

All kinds of events happen in life.  It is how you respond to that event that defines the outcome you get. Instead of taking action without totally understanding what has happened, look at what happened and analyze your perception. You need to change the way you  react to what happened.

2. Get out of mental prison

If you analyze what happens when you feel bad, you will find that keep thinking about just one or two thoughts repeatedly. You are basically in a mental prison. You need to come out of this mental prison, by acknowledging the bad thought and give it a name. Label the bad thought and say, “Hello bad thought! Stay as long as you want and I am not going to give you importance”.

By labeling and acknowledging the bad thought, you can come out of this mental prison.

3. Look at what went well

If you do a careful analysis, you can find some things that went well for all the day. Start dwelling on the good things that happened that day. It could even be something small like you got a favor from someone. Be thankful for those good things. By dwelling on the attitude of gratitude, you can forget about the bad things that happened that day.

4. Listen to uplifting music

Music has the ability to change your mood quickly. Listen to positive music. It can give you a sense of acceptance, peace and tranquility. Try it for yourself and feel the results.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

When you had a bad day, make it a point to avoid negative people. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. When you share your bad experiences with positive people, they can help you find some positives from that experience and make yourself feel better.

6. Just lean into it

Even when you have a busy day, try to do something productive. You know that the journey of thousand miles start with the first step. So start making that first step. When you lean into the most important task and become productive, you won’t have time to worry, complain or be stressed about what happened that day.

7. Work on your passion

We tend to become happy when we work on the things that we are passionate about. You can lose time by working on things that you are passionate about.  Commit yourself to work on your passion every day; you’ll tend to lose the effect of having bad day.

From now on, when you feel that you are having a bad day, start implementing one or two tips explained in this article.  This works for me and following this can help you as well.

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