Tips to Develop Positive Attitude

Positive attitude tipsBy developing a positive attitude, you’ll attract ideas, opportunities and the money that you seek.

Here are my favorite 30 tips to help develop a positive attitude.

1)      In this busy world, Slow yourself down with yoga or meditation

2)      Don’t be too serious, smile more!

3)      Surround yourself with positive people and get rid of negative people

4)      Turn your cant’s into cans, you really don’t have any limit

5)      Take responsibility for how you feel and choose to be happy today and every day

6)      Go out of your way to help someone, make it a weekly or monthly project

7)      No one is perfect! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Accept your mistakes and move forward

8)      Be kind to everyone

9)      Read Positive quotes

10)   Visualize what you want

11)   Follow the golden rule, Treat others like you want to be treated

12)   Watch your conversations – both conversation with yourself and conversation with others

13)   Universe needs clarity, set clear goals

14)   Change is only thing constant in life, so commit to change

15)   Read positive affirmations as often as possible

16)   Be grateful! Write five things that you should be grateful for every day

17)   Like yourself no matter what, this attitude alone develop self-esteem

18)   Sing, dance and celebrate every small victory

19)   Identify your bad habits and replace them  with new positive habits

20)   It takes same effort whether you dream small or dream big, Dream Big anyway!

21)   Journey of thousand miles start with one step, Take one and you are on your way

22)   Procrastination is the number one enemy. Do it now!

23)   Believes can move mountains, Believe in yourself!

24)   Enthusiasm is contagious, so be enthusiastic!

25)   Have a quiet time and see what worked and what did not work and learn from your mistakes

26)   Practice …. Practice ….. Practice, Practice make you perfect

27)   We all make mistakes in life, give permission to forgive yourself

28)   Don’t keep up with Joneses

29)   Listen to soothing music

30)   Love yourself and others

Pick your favorite tips and practice them every day. I can guarantee you, you will start seeing a positive change in your life!

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