Clear Your Negative Beliefs

Clear negative beliefBeliefs are mental notions and assumptions that we have about ourselves.  When we have negative beliefs such as fear of failure, we close our mind to any new ideas or opportunities.

There are multiple ways to clear the negative beliefs. The steps I have outline below have helped some of my students, so I want to share with you all.

  1. Choose a time when your mind is in receptive mode.

You can do this exercise right after you wake up, or after you meditate, when your mind is not yet cluttered with day to day stuff.

Get a notebook and be prepared to write things down – writing makes you focused and will keep your ideas flowing.

  1. Write your worst fear, and what could go wrong should that fear materializes and how would you handle that situation?

For example, if your fear is, “I am not a good business person,” the worst thing that could happen is –  you will not generate enough income and/or incur debts.

  1. Write down how you will tackle those scenarios. For example, write down your exit strategies As you write them down, you will gain the strength and belief that you are strong enough to endure the worse situation.
  1. Your mind will have some clarity because now it believes that you can handle the worst possible thing that could happen.
    1. With this clarity, write down the things that will make you a better business person.

For example, skills you need to acquire, resources you need to have and milestones that you want to achieve. Now you have a new plan  and guidance for moving forward.

Once you clear your limiting belief, you will have the feeling that a huge gate has been lifted from your system, and you will be able to work towards your goal with a positive mental attitude.

Also, guided by self affirmations, you can turn your goal to a burning desire. And your actions will make your goal a reality. Good Luck!

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