The Magic of Attracting Money Book

Mani Maran, a successful entrepreneur,  spreads his hard-won wisdom and offers a message of hope by teaching people to think big, develop additional sources of income and reach financial freedom.

In The Magic of Attracting Money, Maran teaches you 7 practical steps to:

  • Develop the unstoppable belief to become the person you want to be.
  • Discover the magic key to unlock the door to riches.
  • Harness your mind power to establish multiple sources of income.
  • Develop a winning attitude that brings wealth into your life.
  • Develop power habits to reach financial freedom.
  • Attract abundance and increase your earnings.
  • Bullet-proof your success and remain successful.

Success is possible. It is waiting for you. And with the tools offered to you in The Magic of Attracting Money, success becomes a certainty!

And don’t forget your bonus materials including the workbook companion, goal checklist, affirmations list, and online quiz!

Here is a sample of what the industry leaders say about this book:

TestimonialVic Johnson
Jim Kirwan Testimonial

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