How Does Your Brain Work?

Brain reticular activation systemReticular Activating System (RAS) is the fine network of nerves at the base of our brain. RAS plays important role in your ability to reach your goal.

The RAS part of your brain functions as a filter. In the real world, this can be compared to a search engine like Google. When you Google for a broad term such as ‘car,’ you’ll get millions of pages in the results. When you refine your search to ‘Red Mercedes Benz, your results will be filtered to be more specific. If you refine further and further based on you interest, you’ll get closer and closer to what you are looking for.

Just like Google, your brain RAS needs more clarity on what you want. Instead of wishing that you want a luxury car, If you specify that you want to buy a ‘Red Mercedes Benz 2014 CLA class’ to your RAS, you will get clearer picture in your mind. You need to have the picture of the exact car, and you need to imagine driving the car for a while in your mind in order for your thoughts to solidify.

In the same way, if you dream that you need plenty of money, it is not enough for your brain RAS to give what you are looking for. The RAS won’t get activated. You need to refine what exactly you want so that your RAS can understand it.

Activate your brain RAS by thinking, talking and visualizing your clearly defined goal all the time.

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