Power of Concentration

power-of-concentrationClarity and concentration go hand in hand in accomplishing what you want in life. Concentration upon a single idea has been the hallmark of success for countless people and organizations.

Intel, the manufacturer of computer processors. quadrupled the speed at which computer processors can deal with information in less than a decade by concentrating its energy on building better processors.

Steve Jobs, widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution, insisted that Apple focus on just two or three priorities at a time. Instead of letting product lines proliferate or permitting a thousand ideas to bloom, Steve liked to put more efforts with less initiatives.

Donna Karan, also known under the alias “DK, is a premier designer of women’s professional clothing. Her company dresses more female executives than any other. Because Karan doesn’t spend her time coming up with a line of designer jeans or swimsuits, she dominates a lucrative market through controlled focus.

When J K Rowling hit rock bottom, she stripped away everything else and focused on what she was most passionate about. She was convinced that the only thing that she wanted to do ever was writing novels. She has made a huge impact with her Potter books that have gained worldwide attention and won multiple awards.

Mother Teresa has concentrated her attention on relieving the suffering of the poor in India. From a single mission she expanded her efforts to more than five hundred sites around the world and won the Nobel Peace Prize. The scope of her plan grew, but she has never wavered in the attention that she paid to it.

Big focus on customer service and a tight workplace environment had made the online shoe retailer Zappos a big success.

Whatever your chosen field is, concentration on your definite major goal is crucial. It projects a clear picture of your goal upon your conscious mind and holds it there until it is taken over by your subconscious and acted upon.

Choose your clear goal and concentrate on it until it manifests.

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